Stella Pizzeria - Experience new flavors and exciting ingredients on Södermalm

New flavors and exciting ingredients at Stella Pizzeria in Södermalm recently visited Stella Pizzeria in Södermalm and was pleasantly surprised by their good pizzas and innovative flavor combinations. At Stella Pizzeria, they dare to experiment with new and exciting ingredients, which is clearly visible in the pictures.

We fell in love with their tasty pizzas that radiate creativity and care. There are a variety of combinations to choose from, and we highly recommend trying their unique variations. They dare to push the boundaries and offer unexpected taste experiences.

We were impressed by Stella Pizzeria's attention to detail and presentation. The pizzas are beautifully presented with fresh and colorful ingredients that make your mouth water. It is truly a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds.

If you are ready to explore new flavors and venture outside the traditional pizza varieties, then Stella Pizzeria in Södermalm is the place to visit. You will not be disappointed. Book a table and give yourself the chance to enjoy their delicious pizzas with exciting ingredients.

Stella's story

Stella pizza was founded by Danny Falkeman and Jonas Lagerström on January 1, 2022, the big day of all pizzerias. Our ambition is to challenge the pizza industry to a modern and more sustainable development, not least when it comes to decent working conditions.

The pizza we serve has its roots in the Swedish pizza tradition, well seasoned with the Neapolitan heritage. Our modest goal is to be Sweden's largest and best pizza chain by New Year's Day 2024.


The entire team consists of

Executive Director Danny Falkeman

CEO Jonas Lagerström

Construction Development Kevin Rustas

General Manager Kim Boqvist

Head of Economy Pernilla Liljeros