Welcome to the Vasa Museum

Vasa Museum

Opening hours

Daily: 10am-5pm

Wednesdays: at 10-20

The Vasa Museum is part of

a government agency.

It is called Statens maritima and

transport-historical museums.

Five museums are part of the authority.

It is the Vasa Museum, Vrak and

The Maritime History Museum in Stockholm,

Marine museum in Karlskrona

and the Railway Museum in Gävle.

The authority must do this

The state's maritime and transport history museums

is therefore an authority.

At four of our museums we talk about seafaring.

The fifth museum is about trains.

Together we increase knowledge about

shipping, railways and transport.

Our mission is to keep cultural heritage alive.

This is what the Vasa Museum does

The Vasa Museum shows

up the ship Vasa.

Through Vasa, you can find out more about Sweden

at the beginning of the 17th century.

Every year about a million visit

people Vasa Museum.

Many who visit the Vasa Museum are

tourists from other countries.

Contact the Vasa Museum

Telephone: 46-8-51954880

E-mail: registrar@smtm.se

Address to the Vasa Museum
Galärvarvsvägen 14 Stockholm