Guide To Stockholm and some friends recently visited the restaurant EATNAM at Birger Jarlsgatan 36, 114 29 Stockholm.

EATNAM is a place where food is central and where visitors can experience authentic Vietnamese flavors. In Vietnam, food is a central part of the culture and it is possible to eat well at all hours of the day, especially on the streets. At EATNAM, they share their favorite dishes that their grandmothers cooked in the southern parts of Saigon.

The restaurant offers a varied menu of dishes that include fresh herbs, fish sauce, noodles and broths, which are typical ingredients of Vietnamese cuisine. Visitors can enjoy flavorful Pho (noodle soup), Goi coun (fresh spring rolls) and bun ba xao (noodle salad), among others.

EATNAM welcomes everyone to experience the genuine taste of Vietnam in the heart of Stockholm. Take part in their delicious dining experiences and enjoy the authentic dishes served.

Welcome to EATNAM and get a taste experience out of the ordinary!


Guide To Stockholm and friends

I had the dish "Cari ga Saigon" at EATNAM No. 11. It was a yellow curry in South Vietnamese style with rice and baguette, cooked with tofu. This dish is also available with chicken. I have to say the food was amazingly good! The flavors were well balanced and the curry had a lovely spiciness. It was a pleasure to eat this dish, and I can really recommend it to everyone who visits EATNAM. The price, SEK 175, was also very reasonable for the quality and taste experience I got. Kind regards, Simon Blomqvist at Guide To Stockholm.