Lion Bar on Hornsgatan Södermalm

Discover the Lion Bar on Hornsgatan - a nice pub with good burgers and delicious food!

Lion Bar is a well-known pub on Hornsgatan that offers a fantastic pub experience. Their specialty is their good burgers and plank. Here you can enjoy juicy hamburgers in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

But Lion Bar doesn't just offer burgers, they also have a varied range of delicious food to satisfy all tastes. While you enjoy your food, you can relax and socialize with friends or family in the cozy pub environment.

Hornsgatan is the place to be if you want to experience Lion Bar's tasty food and pleasant pub atmosphere.

We at Guide To Stockholm visited the Lion Bar and enjoyed their hamburgers and plank steak!

Lion Bar is a well-known pub and restaurant chain that has expanded greatly in Sweden since its inception in the 1990s.

Lion Bar's vision is to create joy and community for its guests. They strive to become the people's bar, where you as a customer or partner can feel at home or "getaway". Lion Bar wants to offer a holistic experience where you can enjoy good food, cold drinks and nice music. It's about getting a high-quality break from everyday life and enjoying a relaxed moment with a good beer in a comfortable armchair, or creating memories with loved ones.

Lion Bar is proud of its commitment to helping people in need and protecting the planet and its endangered animals. They cooperate with suppliers who share their values and work actively with organic products and technical development. The goal is for everything served at Lion Bar to be organic and to reduce waste to close to zero.

With a business idea to be the Swedish people's pub chain where everyone can afford a good meal and nice drinks, Lion Bar strives to be the IKEA of the pub world - welcoming for everyone at reasonable prices. They want to be the people's second living room and create an atmosphere of joy and relaxation.

Lion Bar's motto is "Happy Hour Every Hour", and they want to be your go-to choice for an evening or two of entertainment and good food. With the goal of having at least one Lion Bar in every Swedish city within the next few years and also opening units internationally, they strive to become part of more people's experiences.

Come and discover the Lion Bar for an unforgettable evening or two. Here you can not only enjoy their delicious burgers and plank steaks, but also experience the unique atmosphere and community that Lion Bar offers. Welcome to the people's pub chain!

Tempting pictures from Lion Bar in Södertälje - Experience their delicious food in a whole new way!

Here are some pictures that we at GuideToStockholm have created in collaboration with Lion Bar in Södertälje to highlight their good food in an attractive way. We have added decoration in the form of cherry tomatoes and food garnish to make the dishes even more appealing. These photos provide a tasty preview of the delightful dining experience that awaits you at the Lion Bar. Take a look and be inspired to visit the Lion Bar for a nice evening of good food and a relaxed pub atmosphere!