Monster Chicken

Address: Ringvägen 106, 116 61 Stockholm

Telephone: 08-462 99 20

Review: Monster Chicken - A Flavor Explosion for Chicken Lovers!

Visiting Monster Chicken on Ringvägen in Stockholm was a taste experience out of the ordinary. With a headline like "A Flavor Explosion for Chicken Lovers!" would describe our visit in the best way.

The chicken was simply amazing! It was super tasty and perfectly fried, with a crispy and tasty exterior and a juicy and tender meat inside. The portions were generous and we were not disappointed in either taste or quality.

But it wasn't just the food that made our visit memorable. The service was also outstanding. The staff were friendly and helpful, and we felt really welcome. Also, it was great to be able to take leftover food with us to doggybag's home. It shows that Monster Chicken really cares about minimizing food waste and that they want their guests to enjoy the chicken even after they leave the restaurant.

Another thing we really appreciated was the variation in strength of the chicken and sauces. We got to try two different sauces and they were hot but at the same time incredibly good. It is perfect for those who like real heat and want an extra kick in the taste.

In conclusion, we can warmly recommend Monster Chicken for all chicken lovers and those who want to experience an explosion of flavor beyond the ordinary. Here you not only get fantastically good chicken, but also excellent service and concern for the environment. We will definitely come back to enjoy their delicious dishes again!

Rating: taste 4.6/5 one of our highest ratings this year for taste.

Address to visit Monster Chicken: Ringvägen 106, 116 61 Stockholm