Matboden Södermalm

Guide to Stockholm visit 2023-04-26

The master chef

Fantastic meat

Beautiful decor

Dear Matboden Södermalm,

We want to thank you for the fantastic dining experience we had at your restaurant. We were impressed by the wide range of dishes and ingredients you offer. Every dish was a taste sensation and we could really feel the care and passion that went into the cooking.

The charcuterie board was delicious and a perfect start to the meal. The combination of charcuterie, cheese, bread, olives and artichoke was really well chosen and gave a lovely mix of flavours.

The scampi pasta was simply phenomenal with its combination of chilli, garlic, white wine and parsley. We really liked how the different flavors complemented each other perfectly.

The fillet of beef was another highlight on the menu. It was perfectly cooked and tasted amazing. We also loved the taste of butter fried hari coverts and fries that were served with it.

The fish was also delicious, with a lovely mix of flavors from crayfish sauce, chanterelles and Västerbotten puree.

We also appreciated the warm and welcoming atmosphere in your restaurant and the attentive service offered. It was truly an unforgettable experience and we will definitely recommend Matboden Södermalm to our friends and acquaintances.

Thank you once again for inviting us to experience your delicious food. You really have a great restaurant and we look forward to visiting you again soon.

With kind regards, Simon Blomqvist and Glenn Larsson.