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Review of The Border at Södermalm 2023-05-17 - A culinary journey through two worlds

The Border impresses with its clear division of two worlds - America and Mexico. On one side you will find the might of American cuisine with its authentic hamburgers, while the other side entices with authentic Mexican burritos that are worth returning to again and again.

In the kitchen at The Border, Swedish meat is served, specifically prime rib from Bjursund outside Västervik. Every day, the meat is ground into real hamburgers in the restaurant. The bread comes from a local bakery, which enhances the taste even more.

At The Border, you can expect a culinary experience with exciting flavors. Here you get the opportunity to taste authentic American and Mexican dishes that are prepared with care and carefully selected ingredients. Every bite is a journey through flavors and cultures, and the food is full of tasty surprises.

All sauces at The Border are of course homemade and the influences come from our travels in the US and Mexico. Here you get to experience authentic flavors and feel the atmosphere from both countries.

Visit The Border and give yourself the opportunity to take a culinary journey through America and Mexico at the same time. Enjoy good food with exciting flavors and experience a gastronomic experience you won't soon forget.

Discover a selection of fresh and homemade sauces at The Border

At The Border, we strive to offer you an authentic taste experience, and our sauces are no exception. We take pride in making our own salsas and dressings from scratch, which gives a unique and flavorful feel to our dishes. To ensure that the taste is at its peak, we use daily fresh ingredients in our Pico de Gallo and guacamole.

When you visit us at The Border, you can be sure that every bite is full of freshness and quality. Our daily fresh sauces complement our dishes perfectly and add an extra dimension of taste and enjoyment to your meal.

So whether you're craving a delicious salsa to dip your tortilla chips in or a creamy dressing to enhance the flavor of your favorite burger, our fresh-from-the-day sauces will impress your taste buds.

Visit The Border and let us take you on a culinary journey with our fresh and homemade sauces. We are sure you will appreciate the quality and flavor our sauces bring to our dishes.

Delicious Swedish meat - Taste experience at The Border

At The Border we only serve selected beef details from Swedish farms such as Hornsbergs Slott, Bjursunds Säteri and Snällebo gård. Our beef breeds, Black Angus and Hereford, are raised under stress-free conditions, which contributes to the exquisite taste of our dishes. With us, you can enjoy high-quality meat from Swedish farms at The Border!

Quality bread from Bröd & Salt - Perfect match for our hamburgers at The Border

At The Border, we use Bröd & Salt's quality bread for our hamburgers. The bread is baked with carefully selected ingredients and without unnecessary additives. We combine oats, wheat flour and potato flakes for a balanced taste and texture. With real butter, the bread gets a rich and natural taste. At The Border, you not only get delicious hamburgers, but also high-quality bread from Bröd & Salt.

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